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The future of work is changing, and Hectic is here to make it happen. Discover the stories behind some of the best independent creators in their industries and what motivates, challenges, and changes them.

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EP 017
Get Protection
Nicole Swartz, cryptocurrency guru turned skincare purveyor turned trademark law pro. She uses her personal experience with copyright troubles to help other small businesses guard their brands and avoid similar woes.
EP 016
Such progress, so wow
Join us to hear more about everything from herding cats (it’s back!) to the exciting platform news you won’t want to miss.
EP 014
Phase zero
Alexander Diner, brand designer and founder of Shapemaker, is a true team player, giving credit to everyone involved in his impressive projects. This humility, plus his dedication to positivity and gratitude, makes every interaction an absolute joy.
EP 013
Dominic Lawson has created a legacy that empowers entrepreneurs around the globe. This week, he tells us how to unleash your inner greatness and create something that will impact the world for the better.
EP 012
Hell yes
Happy International Women’s Day! Today’s guest is a seven-year freelance copywriter and passionate supporter of women’s empowerment — Sarah Robb uses her quirkiness to help brands create content that makes a real difference. Hear her journey, freelancing tips, and more on this week’s episode.
EP 011
Keep it going
Listen this week to hear why freelancing is only the first step, how being an independent creator opens more doors, and why the connections you build matter most.
EP 010
Power of why
"How do you know that you've gotten to the right 'why?' When there's passion and excitement behind the answer."
EP 008
Capitalizing on crisis
"Throw away your preconception of 'how realistic is this' and think about 'what is your passion and who needs it.'"
EP 005
Move your feet
"Bite off more than you can chew. The more you bite off, the more you will grow."

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