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Recognize and beat burnout in your side-hustle
We often see burnout as a symptom reserved for those who are working full-time. What if it can actually impact all of us in different ways as we pursue freelance work?
Marissa Morrow
How true confidence earns you the freelancing career you want
What does it really mean to have confidence when you dive into freelancing — and how can you develop your own self-confidence? Here’s how to get past the dreaded imposter syndrome and be more self-assured.
Michael Jung
10 ways to improve your writing in 2022
Make this the year you invest in improving your writing skills – here are 10 things to try that will help you level up and express your ideas more effectively.
Anthony Sills
The art of accomplishing more by working smarter
Learn how to develop the best freelance work ethic by working smarter—and working less.
Michael Jung
We officially announced the FreelancerOS platform - here's the press release
As a growing number of workers make freelancing a career, Hectic offers free and paid versions to help them increase productivity and earn more money, as well as providing continuing education for freelancers to grow their skills.