What’s different about tracking time with Hectic?

Start and stop time,
wherever you are

Hectic’s sidebar stays with you, wherever you go—so you can start or stop tracking time on the fly, without having to think twice. Log a little time here, and a little time there.

Be transparent
with the details

Build trust into your invoices by adding project and deliverable specific time tracking, so your client can see invoiced time down to the minute.

See where your
time goes

To optimize your time, you have to understand how you spend it. Hectic makes it easy to visualize your time by project, client, month, day, and more.

Connect your time with
your team’s time

When you’re collaborating, every hour matters. Hectic empowers your team to track time and invoice together, making everything easy peasy for your client.

Invoice in just a
few clicks

Getting paid for your work shouldn’t require more work. With Hectic, you can create and send a custom invoice for all of your time logged in a matter of moments.

You're one click away from
pain-free and powerful time tracking

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