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One complete client snapshot

Know what’s going on with your client in just one look. From project deadlines and deliverables to proposals and invoices, it’s all here (and organized, no less).

Real-time updates and collaboration

Half of the freelance battle is staying up to speed. Hectic is always one step ahead of you, with instant notifications for whatever’s important between you and your client.

Hectic has helped me keep all of my deadlines, contracts, invoices, and more all in one place. It’s been a game changer! I’m able to focus on what I love doing now instead of draining myself with logistics and administrative tasks!


Client and project health is always one click away

Never forget how far you and your clients have come—even while you’re planning what’s next. Calculate lifetime earnings, check past notes, reference your contracts, time tracked, and more.

Clearer bandwidth forecasting

Nobody wants to feel like they’re drowning at work. Hectic keeps you afloat with visual bandwidth planning that brings clarity to your commitments.

Client management

Take control of your client relationships

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