How does Hectic help you do better business?

proposal building

No need to pause your conversation to cobble together a proposal. With Hectic, you can create a beautiful, custom proposal in minutes—or use a pre-perfected professional template.

contract creation

The devil’s in the details—like how, exactly, you’re going to get paid. Avoid scope creep, non-payment nightmares, and more with legally-vetted editable contracts designed to protect you.

When I first created my Hectic account I found it easy, and even exciting to navigate. My husband and I were able to send out our very first proposal to a new client of ours for our photography business. The format made it so easy to create and understand and we received signatures easily.

Marissa Morrow


Don’t feel up for a game of email tag? Resolve questions quickly by collaborating and commenting right in your proposal or contract.

Paperless business

No fax machine, no scanner, no worries. Our contracts are made for the 21st century, meaning you and your client can agree to terms with industry standard e-signatures.

Seamless proposal-to-
project workflow

Say goodbye to bottlenecks. In Hectic, you can keep business moving by transforming proposals into contracts and contracts into active projects.

Same all-inclusive pricing

Hectic’s Meeting Scheduler is the first scheduling tool built specifically for freelancers. And it’s connected to everything else you need to succeed, all in one place.

Drag, drop and
create beautiful proposals in minutes

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