Stay in control & on top of it all

Hectic’s homebase makes the overwhelming achievable. Get hints into what steps you should be taking next as well as insight into your entire freelancing business.


Make sense of your freelancing business today and see where you’re headed in the future. No arbitrary metrics to distract you from reaching your daily, weekly or monthly goals and becoming unstoppable.

Suggested actions

Free up mental capacity for creativity and get reminders about due dates, invoices, proposal follow‑ups and everything in‑between.


Celebrate progress or take action, nothing great has ever been done without goals. Hectic helps you stay focused on getting there and growing your business.

Turn more conversations into clients

Manage the client relationship process — from the first conversation to a signed contract — all in one place.


Start the relationship off right using a pre‑built or customized discovery form that captures what a client is looking to get out of the project.

Proposals and contracts

Establish credibility and easily create better proposals using our drag‑and‑drop builder, guiding you through every step to ensure deliverables are clear and terms are enforceable. Once the proposal is approved turn it into a contract and collect signatures in just moments.

Client portal

Say goodbye to navigating through email threads — create a collaborative and easy‑to‑navigate experience with a single place for clients to see your invoices, proposals, contracts, scope of work changes, and final work delivered.

Make it easier for your hard work to pay off

Eliminate the painful, time-consuming — and sometimes even awkward — process of getting paid for your work. Manage your projects, track time, add expenses, invoice, send reminders, and collect payment in one streamlined, automatic workflow.

Project management

Break project deliverables into more completable tasks where you set the due dates. Plus, quickly and easily grasp project status with card-style, list, or calendar views and suggested next actions.

Time tracking

The quickest, easiest, and most powerful time tracker is built right into your delivery workflow, making it simple to add time and visualize how and where you're spending your time.

Expenses, invoices, and payments

Easily create professional, branded invoices as the platform pulls in completed work, time-tracking, and project milestones. All you need to do is review and approve, then a pay‑in‑one‑click invoice is sent straight to your client's inbox.

Together is better

There is a proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Hectic makes it possible for freelancers to go fast and far all in the same place — join a community of your freelancing peers to share ideas, ask for feedback and post big wins. Together is just a click away.

Trusted expert advisors

Need a tax guy? We got you. How about a life coach? That too. Whatever and whenever you need support along your journey, our directory of vetted and trusted professionals is the only place you need to turn.

Contract Attorneys

Personal Brand Experts

Life Coaches

Certified Public Accountants

Personal Finance and Investing

Insurance Brokers

Marketing & Lead Generation

Work Psychologists

Collections Experts

Business Attorneys

Community built-in

Trade ideas, get feedback on a portfolio or proposal, or just have space to share that you’re having a bad day with a community of other bold, genius makers just like you. Connect with Hectic founders, give product ideas and feedback, or share a success so we can celebrate together — your community of multipliers is always one click away.

First client free.
No trial, no credit card; nothing held back.

Whether you want to be a pro at proposals or understand how to go from one client to 20, we’re with you every step of the way.
Then unlimited clients for:
For the price of Hulu*
change your life
How much is Hectic?

We’re committed to your growth, so while you’re getting up and running the entire Hectic platform is free for however long you need it to be when you have no clients or one single client.

Once you start growing your business and adding clients to the platform (yay, you!) you will be charged the rate of $11.99 a month for an unlimited number of clients.

What do I get with Hectic?

Whether you have no clients, one client, or over 100 clients you’ll have access to all the features that help you jump start and run your freelance business including:

  • Hectic’s home base dashboard
  • Client portal
  • Discovery, contract and proposal builder
  • Lead & prospect pipeline manager
  • Automatic invoicing & payments (Credit Card/ACH)
  • Expenses
  • Time tracking
  • Project management
  • Tasks
  • One‑click access to experts and community
  • And, no Hectic branding, this is about you and your brand!

Truly, everything you need to start, manage, and thrive freelancing.

Can I pay for a year instead of monthly?

We know that a freelancer’s income can be fluid so we’re not keen on locking anyone into a yearly contract. We also feel we should earn your business each month and want Hectic to prove to be a valuable tool to your freelance business month over month so we’ve locked our price in at $11.99 a month for as long as you choose to use the platform.

Oh, the impact we’ll have!

We, like you, were off and away

We chased this, we built that

Yet, meaning and purposes were nowhere to be found...

Together, we said No!

Ready, to create a place we all can go.

There’s better work to be done,

More clients, small and big, to be won

With others or as one

Together, we’ll change how work is done.


Be your name Mason or William or Sophia

Or Oliver Ottovordemgendtschenfelde

You’re off to great places!

We name today, your day!

Your dream is waiting.

So…let’s celebrate you getting on your way!

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