Client relationships

Editor's picks
A guide to selling for those who hate selling
If the idea of selling makes you cringe, forget about pushy sale tactics and annoying sales pitches. This guide for freelancers who hate sales…
Anthony Sills
How to get the best freelance clients: 10 qualities successful freelancers look for
Finding the best freelance clients can be difficult, but there are certain characteristics you should always look for.
Anthony Sills
Authentic allyship in freelance
Freelancers are change makers. So let’s talk about how we can create change by moving towards intentional advocacy and empathy in how we see and support our marginalized clients. 
Marissa Morrow
How true confidence earns you the freelancing career you want
What does it really mean to have confidence when you dive into freelancing — and how can you develop your own self-confidence? Here’s how to get past the dreaded imposter syndrome and be more self-assured.
Michael Jung
12 questions to ask your freelance client during a job interview
Asking your own questions during a job interview helps familiarize freelancers with a client’s policies and expectations. Here are 12 questions you need to ask in every job interview. 
Michael Jung
How to get clients as a new freelancer
As a new freelancer, attracting clients is a top priority. This guide will give you tips on how to get clients as a new freelancer and build your clientele.
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