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Top 6 qualities a freelancer should have to make it in the long run [2022 Edition]
With these qualities, you have a good foundation for freelance success for a long time.
Working through the fear of getting started
The fear of getting started can be unnerving. Let's take a look at how to overcome that fear and embrace the journey.
Marissa Morrow
The importance of having a freelance community (and where to find yours)
Do you often feel being a freelancer is too isolating? Here’s how to find freelance communities that will provide you with the help and support you need to succeed.
Michael Jung
How to publish work that gets you the freelance writing career you want
Fledgling freelance writers need to publish work that showcases their interests if they want to write in a desired niche. Here are two proven strategies for building a writing portfolio that gets you that dream career.
Michael Jung
4 best lighting set-ups to fit any budget
Improve your videos with a great lighting set-up, no matter what your budget.
How mastering synopsis writing makes you a better freelancer
Writing a good synopsis isn’t just for novelists and screenwriters. Here’s how crafting a one-sentence story can attract better clients who need your freelancing services.
Michael Jung
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