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5 freelance podcasts we actually listen to
Our favorite podcasts for freelancing advice, tips, and inspiration
Michelle Lee
How to actually take a vacation as a freelancer
Taking regular breaks and getaways is important to maintain a healthy freelancing lifestyle. Here’s how to make your next vacation as convenient and stress-free as possible.
Michael Jung
The unexpected perks of being a freelance writer
Getting paid to write is just the start of the many benefits that come with being a freelance writer. Here are some of the best perks this media career offers.
Michael Jung
What a professional stilt walker can teach freelancers about reaching their goals
Todd McClain is a stilt walker, stunt man, and children’s book author. He’s also a freelancer whose business practices can help you with your own career. Hard to believe? Here’s what he has to say.
Michael Jung
Making peace with imposter syndrome 
For freelancers who experience imposter syndrome, making a few key adjustments to recurring thought patterns can turn negative self-talk into motivation. ‍
Marley Parker
10 ways to improve your writing in 2022
Make this the year you invest in improving your writing skills – here are 10 things to try that will help you level up and express your ideas more effectively.
Anthony Sills
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