Health and well-being

Editor's picks
Understanding and leveraging your chronotype as a freelancer
Work with your biological makeup, not against it! Understanding your natural energy levels throughout the day can help optimize your workflow for more productive and successful outcomes. 
Kira Johnson
Rediscovering your creativity
Creative slumps can be a drain on our mental health & even our freelancing. Check out some of our tips for getting out of them & rediscovering your creativity.
Marissa Morrow
Dr. Sarah Moon and I don't really wanna do the work today
Strive for inefficiency to spend more time focusing on the things you value and love.
Emily Finlay
The benefits of writing everyday
What happens when you carve out time to implement a daily writing practice into your life? Let's chat about 5 of the amazing benefits of writing every day.
Marissa Morrow
For BIPOC freelancers: Drawing from ancestral inspiration
What does it mean to look to our BIPOC ancestors for creative inspiration? Let's reflect on the idea of getting inspired by those who came before us.
Marissa Morrow
Embracing discomfort – Tips from creatives who have been there
Discover tips and tricks from successful creatives like you in the freelance and entrepreneurial space that are embracing discomfort and finding clients. 
Lauren Campbell
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