Michael Jung

Michael Jung has been a freelance writer, entertainer, and educator for over 20 years and loves sharing his knowledge in online articles. He also enjoys writing movie, TV, and comic book content and is developing a series of fantasy novels. Feel free to connect with him through the links below!

Latest by contributor
6 ways to make more money from freelance writing
There are plenty of ways to make more money as a freelance writer that don’t involve asking for a raise. Here are six strategies to earn that bigger paycheck!
Michael Jung
The importance of having a freelance community (and where to find yours)
Do you often feel being a freelancer is too isolating? Here’s how to find freelance communities that will provide you with the help and support you need to succeed.
Michael Jung
How to write a freelancer bio that attracts clients
How do you craft a freelancer bio that speaks to well-paying clients? By keeping the needs of those clients in mind as you showcase your experiences and accomplishments. Here’s how.
Michael Jung
How to publish work that gets you the freelance writing career you want
Fledgling freelance writers need to publish work that showcases their interests if they want to write in a desired niche. Here are two proven strategies for building a writing portfolio that gets you that dream career.
Michael Jung
How talking during the movie became a freelancing career: A behind-the-scenes look at reaction video creators 
“Talking during the movie” may sound like a strange job description. But many YouTube reactors are building a lucrative freelance career by doing just that. Here’s how.
Michael Jung
Q&A with freelance voice over artist Becky Jo Harris
Ever dream of making a living with your voice? Professional voice actor Becky Jo Harris shares how to build a successful freelance voice over career.
Michael Jung
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