Freelance stories

Editor's picks
Neosha Gardner and give it a try
Meant for me: Taking ideas and running with them, because you never know where they might lead
Emily Finlay
Dr. Dominique Broussard and safe and sound
Cultivating space to learn, heal, and evolve with grace so we can be who we want to be through every stage of life.
Emily Finlay
Terri Lomax and I love me
Talking about it: How sharing & connecting with others through our adversity can bring validation & healing to some of our deepest hurts.
Emily Finlay
That's who I am
A beautiful symphony: Understanding our strengths so we can use them to create amazing things as a powerful team.
Emily Finlay
Michael Jung and write this down
Enjoying the process: Learning to tell better stories and discovering how to shape your own story along the way.
Emily Finlay
Melanie Aksamit and who am I?
I want to make monsters: How showing up and taking the time to learn what you want can spark a beautiful, passion-centered journey.
Emily Finlay
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