Editor's picks
Are you a freelancer? Content you should be creating right now
The key to attracting more clients, getting more work and increasing your revenue as a freelancer is simple – create valuable content. Find out what content
Anthony Sills
Uncommon freelance jobs
From professional bridesmaids to ostrich babysitters, some freelancers truly take unconventional jobs to the next level.
Michael Jung
Will artificial intelligent writing bots replace freelance writers?
Will AI writing bots make human freelance writers obsolete? Here’s why you shouldn’t see bots as your replacements — and how you can stay relevant in the age of automation.
Michael Jung
Why your branding should start (and end) with you
Think branding is all about logo design and catchy names? Think again. Here’s how to build an effective brand that’s based on your unique values and work ethic.
Michael Jung
Why and how you should pitch your own freelance projects
Pitching your own freelance projects helps you control the direction of your career. Here’s how to craft some winning pitches.
Michael Jung
How freelancers become sought after resources
Job boards are only one way to get freelancing work. Here’s how to get companies to approach you for your freelance skills.
Michael Jung
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