Anthony Sills


Your guide to key tax dates every freelancer should know
How to get your freelancing act together and avoid extra work come tax time.
Can someone please tell me why more people of color aren’t freelancing!?
Hear why more POC should be freelancing and how you can start your own freelancing journey?
Tax advice from a 13-year freelancer
Learn from an experienced 13-year, full-time freelancer, tips for freelance taxes, and how Hectic can help you avoid tax hell.
Why 2021 is the year to start your freelancing career
Learn why in 2021, freelancers are in high demand, and how Hectic can help you start your freelancing career.
How to recover when you lose a big freelance client
As a freelancer, it's bound to happen to you, a large client suddenly wants to stop doing business with you. Here's how to get passed it and possibly win back their business.
15 Proven ways to market your freelance business
Just starting out or looking to grow your business? It's time to better market your number one asset -- yourself! Here's 15 proven ways to do it.
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