Anthony Sills

Anthony Sills is the Founder & Content Strategist at Professional Pen. He helps SasS and tech companies create marketing content that measurably attracts more customers using proven strategies, tactics, and frameworks.

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Are you a freelancer? Content you should be creating right now
The key to attracting more clients, getting more work and increasing your revenue as a freelancer is simple – create valuable content. Find out what content
Anthony Sills
A guide to selling for those who hate selling
If the idea of selling makes you cringe, forget about pushy sale tactics and annoying sales pitches. This guide for freelancers who hate sales…
Anthony Sills
How to get the best freelance clients: 10 qualities successful freelancers look for
Finding the best freelance clients can be difficult, but there are certain characteristics you should always look for.
Anthony Sills
10 ways to improve your writing in 2022
Make this the year you invest in improving your writing skills – here are 10 things to try that will help you level up and express your ideas more effectively.
Anthony Sills
Do you want to make a mint as a freelancer? Here's how to become an in-demand freelancer in 2022
Is freelancing a good way to make money? The real question you need to ask is, "How much money do you want to make?"
Anthony Sills
The art of saying no
"No." People hate to hear it, and you hate to say it — but how else can you manage your workload and maintain your sanity?
Anthony Sills
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