Time tracking

Rethink time tracking

Seamless, simple, and efficient time tracking that is tightly synced with projects deliverables and invoices.
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Get paid faster by turning hours worked into an invoice in clicks
Underestimating your hours leaves you underpaid, stay on top of your hours, and your worth to scale faster
Everyone on your team who contributes time can now appear collectively on a single invoice — easy peasy for you & clients

Hit start or stop from any page

No matter where you are in the platform if you’re contributing to a project or deliverable you can start, pause, or stop tracking your time. And if you’re like anyone who has ever freelanced and forgot to start your time tracking, you can go back and manually add hours to projects or deliverables.

Track with detail

Choose from simple drop downs for client, project, and deliverable when tracking your time, plus have the option to include notes to clients if you’re going over, or coming in under your estimated time.

Visualize your day and week hour‑by‑hour

The hourly view lets you visualize work; including starts, stops, and when you take breaks. Better understand how you work best and anything that may be interrupting your creative flow.

Better understand where your time goes

Easily see how you’re hitting your numbers in a list or chart view. See where you’ve spent the most or least of your time across clients and projects.

Turn hours worked into money

Hectic takes the work (and the math) out of turning tracked hours into invoices. Your time worked is tracked and pre-loaded by client, so when it comes time to get paid, it’s already broken out, making it easier than ever to get paid.

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