Teams and collaborators

Bring everyone together

Sometimes you need to bring together a team of freelancers to push a big project to completion. With Hectic you can invite others to work with you, all in one convenient space.
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Got a big project that requires the work of multiple freelancers? Assign tasks to collaborators and keep everyone organized.
Easily communicate and collaborate on a project all within Hectic with real-time editing and task updates notifications.
Combine all billable hours per project and roll it into one, big invoice.

Separate workspaces for separate projects

Manage your projects for your independent business and invite other freelancers or teams to collaborate on certain projects within your business.

Grant different levels of access

Choose to freelancers as collaborators to work only on specific projects, or as full-access team members to run your entire business with you.

Build your team

Invite up to five full-access team members to help manage clients, send invoices, and manage project collaborators. They can do everything you can do in Hectic (except delete your account — because that would be terrifying).

Bring on project collaborators

Got a big project that requires some outside help or innovation? Invite unlimited project collaborators onto your projects. Project collaborators can access only project-specific details and deliverables that you want them to see.

Easy time tracking and invoicing

Keep track of the hours worked on each project for all of your project team members and partners. These hours can then be added to your client invoice, making invoicing simple and easy.

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