Proposals and contracts

Win more clients

Create beautiful, on‑brand, professional proposals in just minutes and then when all looks good turn it into an air‑tight contract.
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First impressions are everything, so start your professional relationships off right with proposals and contracts you can really get behind
Reuse proposals when they fit and and customize them when you need — either way you only start from scratch once
Get a written doc that will stand up in court should you ever need it and protect yourself and your work with every single project*

Start fresh, clone or use a template

Start fresh, clone an existing, or build off a professional pre-built template, customized for your industry and written by a professional that knows how to sell. Our templates are built to optimize success and conversion with every project. Who knew you could have a go-to proposal person?
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Create beautiful, professional proposals

Customize images, fonts, and information to bring out your brand and personality in a way that always looks good. You can literally never create a bad proposal (ah‑hem, no Comic Sans here.)

Protect yourself and your work

Clarity and transparency is the foundation of building a strong freelancing business — that’s where solid contracts come in. Protect your time, your work, and your hard‑earned money and outline deliverables in a crystal‑clear, stop-scope-creep-dead-in-its-tracks kind of way.

Get it in writing

Clearly written legally‑binding contracts that will stand up in court protects you and your work and makes it easy to proceed. Our contracts include industry standard e-signatures and terms that have been legally vetted so you and your clients can get down to the business of creating quicker.*

Send, review, and comment in the app

Collect all parties signatures right within the Hectic all, eliminating lots of back‑and‑fourth and making the entire paperwork process simple, manageable, and professional.
*The Hectic contract template was drafted by a professional, however, it is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have any questions regarding this contract template or your finished contract as it relates to your specific business, please contact a licensed attorney.

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