Project management

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Simplicity meets power in a customizable project management system built for freelancers and the way you like to work.
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Built clean, simple, and solely for freelancers — see project status in a glance so you can get in, get out, & on with your day
Whether you have one project or are crushin’ hundreds, Hectic can handle it all
Bring your team together by inviting collaborators to projects, be it clients or other freelancers

Become all‑knowing

Enlightenment looks good on you. See the status of every single project on your plate at a glance with the list view, or click in, drill down, and get all the deets on a particular project.
Hectic project managment list view for freelancers UI illustration

Visualize your deliverables

Instantly see how projects are progressing toward completion or where things are getting held up. The simplicity of the card board enables you to easily spot bottlenecks while they are forming.

Work from a single calendar

Bring back a sense of calm and control by mapping out your weeks and months in advance with our deliverables calendar. See due dates and plan accordingly based on how you prefer to work.

Find the “what” of the project

Project deliverable offers a single source of truth that you can return to when needed. Add attachments, due dates, and break large projects down into less‑daunting tasks to help you keep the project on track.

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