Client management

Centralize all your client work

Keep all your client details straight and you looking like the professional business-person that you are.
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See a snapshot of your history with a client, all in one place, including projects, proposals — accepted and rejected — contracts, communication, expenses, terms, and notes.
View the status of a client, including outstanding invoices or action items you or they may need to follow up on.
Complete all client-related tasks within a single space — set terms, write notes, add an expense, and more to save yourself time and get back to creating.

Set payment terms once and be done

Your payment terms probably don’t change, so why keep revisiting them with each invoice? When you’re ready to send an invoice, Hectic will pull in the terms you’ve set for that client automatically so you’re operating at a client level vs. a one-off-invoice level and bring more consistency to your clients and your business.

Jump back in with clients with ease

When a past client pops back up with a new request, be ready to roll with their project and skip the paperwork and set-up process. They’ll be in your Hectic account, with the terms already set, so you can start executing right away.

Make deposits a part of your process

Easily and professionally collect a deposit before you begin any work. Instead of sending a possibly awkwardly-worded email, Hectic will send a deposit request directly to the client on your behalf as part of your project-kickoff process, establishing a solid client-freelancer relationship and giving you peace of mind before diving in.

Take notes and mind the details

Everyone wants to feel special, maybe no one more so than your clients. With Hectic, we’ll help you remember the important stuff like where you met, important contacts, dog’s name, and how they like work delivered — just jot down the things to remember in the notes section, and Hectic will log it with a timestamp and forever tie it to their profile. You can also add an unlimited number of folks as contacts within a client card so you can keep everyone straight within a particular organization.

See all the work that got you where you are today

Revisit forms, discovery, proposals, and more for each client as needed without digging through email and see a detailed history of your communications and work together.

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