Hectic vs. Dubsado: Better freelance business tools for less

Don’t settle for Dubsado’s hard-to-use small business tools. Pay less and do more with tools and resources made just for freelancers.
Hectic vs. Dubsado: Better freelance business tools for less
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Freelancers may be entrepreneurs and business owners, but they don’t have the same needs as most small businesses.

The unique problems freelancers face demand a solution made just for them. From managing your daily tasks to landing new clients, you need to find the best ways to grow your business without increasing your headaches.

That’s what you get with Hectic.  As the Freelancer’s OS, it’s your one-stop shop to get up and running toward your goals.

If you are deciding between Hectic and Dubsado for your business needs, use this guide to learn how you can find everything you need to thrive with Hectic.

Get started for free

“After implementing Hectic, I was able to cancel a bunch of other services I no longer needed. This had a noticeable impact on my business overhead.” - Greg M.

How does Hectic stack up to Dubsado?

Dubsado’s tools are focused on small businesses. Though it may be a great option for these organizations, they can often be overly complex for a freelancer’s simpler needs. You may spend more time creating work-arounds than you would by using multiple tools.

Hectic is made for freelancers at any stage of their careers. It is simple enough to use with someone’s first client and robust enough to support the growth of seasoned veterans. 

Your needs are unique and often change from one minute to the next. Each tool is customizable to what you are facing at the moment. You can use the platform to handle your smallest client and immediately pivot to manage the demands of a Fortune 500 company.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a small agency (or moving from one to the other!), Hectic gives you every tool you need to start, manage, and grow your freelance business.

Made for your business and your budget

Freelancing should be an option for everyone, no matter their income, experience, or stage in life. If you have to break the bank to run an organized business, though, your dream might fizzle before you can grow it into a career.

With Hectic, you get all of the tools you need to manage your business for free.

You can send invoices, manage your projects, develop proposals for new clients, and track the time you work, all without paying a cent. Your tools become a powerful way to grow your business, rather than an expense that holds you back.

If you want some additional perks, you can also sign up for our pro plan, which is available for just $11.99 per month. This upgrade includes:

While Hectic’s business essentials are free for an unlimited number of clients, you have to pay if you want to use Dubsado for more than three clients.

This platform’s Starter Plan, which includes most of the business tools it offers, is available for $20 per month. You can also get a few more options by paying $40 per month for its Premier Plan.

“[Hectic is] Really affordable compared to competitors and it keeps getting better!” - Matt W. 

Easy to use from the first moment

Since Dubsado’s features are made for more complex small businesses, they require some set-up before you can use them. The platform focuses on bookings and workflows, so it may be overly complicated for your freelancing needs.

Dubsado is also notoriously difficult to use. These complex set-ups, along with its hard-to-use interface, force users to invest a significant amount of time into understanding the tools. Many users have even had to hire someone to help them get started on the platform and learn to use its features.

At Hectic, we know that time is money, especially when you are the only one running your business. 

From the minute you join, you can get to your business needs immediately. Each tool flows easily into the next, giving you the ability to quickly handle all of your needs. You can use our tutorials to discover some of the lesser-known benefits, but you won’t ever need a guided walkthrough of the tool.

“What can I honestly say to anyone out there who needs an easy way to get off the ground and build a solid freelancer business? This is the place!” - Keri U.

Built for collaboration

Hectic is all-inclusive and made for work around the globe. You can partner deeply with your clients, inviting them to jump into your workflow to talk about projects or exchange files. They can also sign documents, make digital payments, and more within the platform.

If you run an agency, you can also add collaborators to your team. Freelancing isn’t a solo operation so Hectic offers the connectivity you need to support your growing business.

World-class support and resources from real people

We are always focused on making Hectic the best it can be for the people who use it. Rather than hiring someone to run our support line, our core team takes turns helping our users. Since you’re talking directly with the team, we can also make changes to address your direct needs, sometimes within the same day!

But we don’t stop there.

We also offer guides, blogs, The Hectic Podcast, and free educational videos that empower you to earn more, find the right clients, and avoid burnout as you build a sustainable business.

“Support is fantastic, talk to a human not a bot. Highly recommended.” Sandra C.

Keeping your business in your pocket

You started freelancing to escape the chains of a typical 9-to-5. If you can only access your freelance tools on your computer, as required by Dubsado, you’re just as stuck as you were before.

You can use the Hectic mobile app to handle all of your business needs on the go. With full versions of every feature, you can handle everything with the same ease, whether you’re in the office or across the country.

“The app is full of useful features all in one place, yet is easy to navigate and simple to use. It is great for both solo pros and team collaboration.” -Lily

Created for you

You deserve tools that fit your exact business, not options that “can work” for your needs. Hectic is showing solopreneurs, independent contractors, and freelancers that they don’t have to settle for tools that aren’t built for the way they work. 

Our platform frees you from the dread of handling business admin, streamlining and improving your processes to make them the easiest part of your day. You can discover the joys of running your own business with confidence, day in and day out.

“I used to spend a few hours every day adding up numbers and double-checking my math, but Hectic makes it a breeze. I probably spend less than 5 minutes each day invoicing several clients.” -Daniel J.

Let’s compare features

Wondering how our tools stack up to Dubsado’s? Take a look below to see how our more affordable platform compares.

Hectic vs. Dubsado?





  • End-to-end management for unlimited clients
  • Send leads from your website, Facebook ads, and email
  • End-to-end management for unlimited clients
  • Send leads from your website, Facebook ads, and email
  • Integrate and use email with platform

Project management

  • Input full project details
  • List, Kanban, and Calendar views
  • Better task management, including high-level overviews, file attachments, and team assignment options
  • Input full project details
  • Rigid design that is built around bookings and workflows

Invoicing & payments

  • Collect digital payments through Stripe, Venmo, and PayPal, as well as credit/debit cards and bank transfers
  • Accept payments in international currencies
  • Customize invoices to your brand 
  • Automate recurring invoices, reminders, and late fees
  • Collect payments through credit/debit cards, Stripe, PayPal, Square, and bank transfers
  • Invoice customization
  • Automatically send recurring invoices and reminders
  • Set up recurring subscription payments and installment plans


  • Simple drag & drop proposal builder
  • Use templates or build from scratch
  • Customize to your brand
  • Integrate project deliverables, contract and invoicing into the proposal
  • Simple drag & drop proposal builder
  • Use templates or build from scratch
  • Customize to your brand
  • Can attach contracts and invoices to proposals


  • Have clients review & sign online
  • Use lawyer-approved templates or build from scratch
  • Customize to your brand
  • Get instant notifications when the client signs
  • Have clients review & sign online
  • Use templates or build from scratch
  • Customize to your brand


  • Track and bill income and expenses
  • Upload receipts
  • Integrate business credit card or checking account for accurate outlook
  • Track and bill income and expenses
  • Set earnings goals

Time tracking

  • Use time tracker or add time manually on your computer or app
  • Add details to tracked time
  • Automatically add tracked time to invoices
  • Track and bill time

Calendar & scheduling

  • Filter calendar by client, deliverable, deadline, or project status and take action directly from the calendar
  • Integrate Google and iCloud calendars
  • Schedule meetings through the meeting scheduler
  • Schedule appointments
  • Embed scheduler on your website

Mobile app

  • Get full versions of your tools on both your computer and phone
  • No mobile app

Client portals

  • Enjoy extensive customizations for your client portal for easier communication and collaboration
  • Enjoy extensive customizations for your client portal for easier communication and collaboration

Sales pipeline

  • Client inquiry management
  • Discovery forms
  • Track your sales pipeline
  • Client inquiry management
  • Lead captures and questionnaire forms
  • Track your sales pipeline



  • Create different workspaces for different teams
  • Add, tag, and assign tasks to collaborators
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited team members
  • Add collaborators with limited accessibility


  • Free plan with all essential tools
  • Pay $11.99 per month for Pro plan extras
  • Use Teams plan to add team members for $19.99 per month
  • Pay $20 per month for Starter plan
  • Pay $40 for Premier plan
  • Pay additional tiered pricing for more than 4 users

Free use

  • Everything you need is always free
  • Use free with 3 or fewer clients


Why choose Hectic over Dubsado?

Choosing Hectic means paying less to do so much more. You can save time as you make managing your business easier. No matter what you’re trying to do, Hectic is here to help you do it better and faster than you could alone.

Freelance smarter, not harder

Find everything you need to turn the chaos of running a business into the job of your dreams with Hectic. Get started for free today.

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