Bookkeeping made simple

Take your freelance business to the next level and gain control of your finances with one place to collect and manage your expenses and see your profits.
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You’re more than an hourly rate. You’re a business so operate like one. See your expenses, financial reports, and where your money is being spent.
Lucky you, as a freelancer taxes are due multiple times a year, but whether you’re paying your quarterlies or annual, you’ll always be ready to go.
Make the pile of receipts a thing of the past and get reimbursed quicker. Snap and upload receipts right from your phone in real-time and never get behind on what you’re owed.

Get reimbursed quickly

Roll your out-of-pocket expenses into your next invoice and get paid in one lump sum, or add receipts on the fly and submit separately to get paid right away for what you’re owed.

Understand spend with automatic categorization

Expense tracking made easy. Simply connect your business checking or credit card account to automatically import and categorize your expenses, making tax prep and financial reporting a breeze.

Understand the profitability of your clients

Grasp what each client means to your business. If you’re buying items out of pocket or meeting frequently, they may be costing you more than they are worth. By tracking your hours and tracking and categorizing your expenses, you can easily see what each client brings in for your business.

Generate a profit and loss report

Grow your business faster by seeing what’s working, what isn’t, and areas for opportunities by tracking your revenue and expenses all while keeping your finances prepped and ready for taxes throughout the year.

Mobile app scanning (COMING SOON)

Scan receipts with the Hectic mobile app and automatically categorize expenses so you can quickly get reimbursed. Stay whole not waiting until the end of the month to get reimbursed.

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