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The best editing tools (for writers or non-writers)
Editing your own writing can be hard. Discover 15 editing tools to help improve your writing…even if you’re not a pro writer.
Anthony Sills
5 easy ways to grow your freelance business
These 5 strategies won't magically make clients appear, but they will give you a foundation to intentionally pursue sustainable growth for your entrepreneurial dreams.
Emily Finlay
How to build a comfortable (but productive) home office for freelancing
Freelance offices come in all shapes and sizes — but the best ones still share common traits. Here’s how you should build your workspace to maximize productivity.
Michael Jung
Six steps for successful collaboration
Sometimes freelancing is a team sport. Here's how to make collaboration way easier.
Anthony Sills
Gotta do the work
In the season wrap, you can experience the love and excitement we have for these weekly conversations. We’re so thrilled to be part of this podcast—we hope that you have as much fun with it as we do!
Emily Finlay
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EP 315

Positive reflections
That’s a wrap! Reflecting on everything we’ve learned from our guests and ourselves during season three.