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  • Unlimited clients
  • Client relationship management
  • Project management
  • Invoices & Subscriptions
  • Accept online payments
  • Proposals & Contracts
  • Expenses & Accounting
  • Discovery Forms
  • Time tracking
  • Calendar
  • iOS & Android apps


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Level up your client experience, invite project collaborators, and manage growth.
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  • Client portals
  • Custom domain & emails
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Sales pipeline
  • Collaborators
  • Automated expense tracking
  • Communicator
  • Embedded / Public Forms


Best for small agencies or freelancers working as a team to tackle bigger projects.
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I send a lot of small, frequent invoices and proposals for my consulting business. Before using Hectic, I used Harvest and I often forgot to bill my clients for all the work I did. A lot of things fell through the cracks and I didn’t want to nickel and dime them. Now it’s so easy to get all these little things out to them that I end up billing $1,000 a month more.

Amit Bansil

I’m relatively new to the world of freelancing and am not the most organized person. Hectic has helped me keep all of my deadlines, contracts, invoices, and more all in one place. It’s been a game changer! I’m able to focus on what I love doing now instead of draining myself with logistics and administrative tasks!


My husband and I were able to send out our very first proposal to a new client of ours for our photography business. The format made it so easy to create and understand and we received signatures easily. Hectic makes me feel in control and excited to start this new journey. I also love their passion for promoting and encouraging a diverse range of freelancers. Can’t wait to dive into the app even more.

Marissa Morrow

Loving this product so far, and I’ve tried them all. Tailored to freelancers and seems to be solving the problems that other products couldn’t for me. The way I need to organize projects and deliverables is clean and efficient. No clutter and a joy to use!

Thomas O'Quinn
Creative director

I'm in the process of scaling my freelance business and Hectic was exactly the tool I needed. I spend less time doing administrative tasks, and more time focusing on the work.

Bryan Gasaway
Creative consultant

Questions & Answers

Is Essentials really free?

Yep! We're on a mission to empower every entrepreneurial mind to turn passion into success, so we created a single place for you to run your entire freelance business, without limits, and in one place. And when you're ready to level up, upgrade to pro for only $11.99 per/mo.

Do I have to pay annually?

We know that a freelancer’s income can be fluid so we’re not keen on locking anyone into a yearly contract. Payments are made monthly and you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time!

Can I cancel my paid plan at any time?

Yes, absolutely. There are no contracts or annual plans for Hectic — you can cancel at any time without penalty.

What’s a project collaborator?

Hectic makes it easy to collaborate with other freelancers or even with your client on shared projects. Add a user to a single project as a project collaborator, or give another person full access to your Hectic workspace as a team member.

Project collaborators can track time on a project and view, edit, and create deliverables.

While a Hectic team member can do everything you can do in Hectic including 

  • Track time on a project
  • View, edit, and create deliverables
  • Add and edit client info 
  • Add new projects 
  • Make account settings changes
  • Add or remove other users 
  • Send invoices 
  • Add expenses 
  • Send a proposal 

But they can not change or remove the account owner (which is probably you!)
Find out more about collaborating with others in Hectic.

Do I have to worry about you selling my email or data?

No. Your contact and client information and private data are yours and yours alone. They're safe with us. We'll email you about product announcements, tips and tricks and company updates, but you can opt out any time. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

I have more questions

Awesome we can't wait to help you! Click the chat icon on the bottom right of any page to talk to a live person or visit our help center.