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Use Hectic’s invoicing to turn hours worked into invoices, schedule, automatically approve, and accept online payments in one place.
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Make it easy for clients to pay you with simple, click‑to‑pay invoicing
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Get invoice status in seconds

No more searching through sent, follow up, or still outstanding email, chicken scratch, and notes. Know where all your invoices stand in seconds.

Build, view, & send in clicks

Automatically compile the projects and time you’re ready to bill. Flat rate projects and hours worked are pulled in from what you’ve already added into Hectic.

Eliminate guess-work

With inline editing, simple templates, professional‑looking and easy‑to‑use, it’s everything you’d expect in an invoice built for freelancers. Payment instructions and terms are included along with a place for notes like thank‑yous or asking for referrals. Oh, and no Hectic branding ever appears on your client‑facing invoice because this is about you and the work that you‑do.

Get paid online, instantly

Remove the barriers between you and what you’re owed with Hectic’s Stripe integration, enabling “Click to pay” for your clients. Simple for you and your clients and everyone’s happy.

See virtual assistance at your service

We’ll notify you of payment confirmations, when it’s time to send a follow up, and most importantly when you’ve gotten paid.

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