How to make money as a freelance social media manager

If you want to turn your passion into profits, then you can't miss this guide on how to make money as a freelance social media manager.
How to make money as a freelance social media manager
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Social media is one of the core digital marketing methods for businesses, so much so that 90% of brands want to build awareness through social media.

That’s why building a freelance career in social media will bring you success.

If you’re wondering how to make money as a freelance social media manager, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll provide you with the necessary tools and resources to get started.

Your first steps

Before you can start getting paid, you’ll have to work through some integral first steps in order to set up your freelance business and increase your clientele. Here are a few things to do first.

Create a business plan

Before you do anything, create a business plan. Don’t worry, your business plan doesn’t have to be long and complex. But it should serve as a blueprint for your freelance business and should keep you organized.

First, identify your goals. Is getting your first paying client your ultimate goal? Or do you have other goals? You should also include additional information, such as how you plan on accomplishing these objectives.

Detail your skills and experience. Understand what sets you apart from other freelancers and why your clients should choose your services. From here, you can work out the finer details, such as how you want to price your services.

Build a portfolio

What experience do you have with social media marketing? Have you managed your own pages and gained success? Or maybe you worked in social media marketing for one company and you built their brand awareness?

Take whatever experience and accomplishments you have and build a portfolio.

How do you build a portfolio? First, get permission. You’ll likely be showing your client’s information in your posts, so it’s a good idea to simply ask your client if you can use their results on your portfolio.

From here, choose how you want to display your portfolio. You have limitless options — some like to create a video while others may prefer sharing before and after screenshots.

What exactly should you share? Some recommended data includes:

  • Analytics
  • Graphs of new follows and increased engagements
  • Sales data
  • Advertising reports
  • Positive and negative client feedback
  • Campaign goals and reports

Start marketing yourself

In order to attract clients, you’ll have to start marketing yourself. Marketing will attract a larger pool of clients, ensuring you become a successful freelance social media manager.

How do you do this? Start by content marketing. It’s effective and doesn’t require much overhead (oftentimes, content marketing is free).

Start by — you guessed it — social media marketing. Create social media profiles for your business and post regularly. Gain your following and enhance your engagements. When potential clients see you’re successful on social media, they will be more likely to trust you with your services.

Another great resource is blogging. You can sign up for website hosting at an affordable rate and can get right to blogging.

Write topics that revolve around social media, such as the latest insights and different approaches to social media marketing.

How to make money as a freelance social media manager

After you get your business set up, you can start earning freelance social media manager income.

These tips will help you ensure your freelance business stays possible and will introduce the ways that Hectic can help you out.

Stay organized

As your freelance business grows, you’ll have several projects and it’s easy to get mixed up. That’s why staying organized is essential to freelance success.

Some tips for staying organized include:

  • Write important things down, such as the tasks you need to complete
  • Don't commit to more jobs than you can handle
  • Save an hour of your day for busy tasks (checking emails, etc.)

And don't forget to take personal time for yourself. Whether you make time to exercise, spend time with loved ones, or vacation frequently, the time you devote to yourself will help you be more productive at work.

You should also find tools that can help you stay organized.

Hectic offers an all-in-one home base. This platform lets you organize your projects and due dates, so you can better plan your workdays and make deadlines.

Since home base is an all-in-one platform, you can use this resource for anything you need. For example, you can track your payments, create project plans, manage your clients, and track your invoices.

Send invoices

A major mistake that freelancers make is they don’t get their terms in writing and don’t send an invoice.

An invoice offers a way for you to track your payments, when they’re due, and looks more professional when asking for compensation.

Hectic invoicing software offers all of this and more. You can use this one platform to track the hours you worked and automatically approve payments.

Hectic also makes it simple for clients to pay you. You no longer need to follow up, check if your invoices have been paid, and get distracted with random notes.

Improve client relationships

Managing client relationships is one of your core duties as a freelancer. However, this can take time out of your already busy workday.

How can you keep your clients happy? First, treat them like humans. In the professional world, we tend to lose personability.

Don't forget to be generous and grateful for their services. If you can, set up a reward program for their loyalty.

Other best practices are ones we covered earlier. For example, submit work on time.

What’s the solution? Hectic’s business development platform is easy to use and offers many client relationship tasks.

Business development can also offer advice on how to increase your clientele by using your past client relationships and even how to market yourself better.

Business development offers unique features to maintain a steady stream of clients. One of these features is one-click discovery and proposals that will quickly convert prospects to clients.

Complete all required tasks

You can’t get paid unless you complete all of your duties, right?

This is where client management comes in. You’ll not only organize your duties but also your client’s unique data. This not only helps you complete your tasks but will let you grow stronger relationships with your clients.

Client management also shows your history with one client, including data such as proposals, projects, all communication, contracts, terms, expenses, and other notes.

You’ll also know the status of all clients, the duties you need to complete, any follow-ups or revisions, and outstanding invoices.

Client management is convenient because all of this data is available in one place. This platform also offers customization; you’ll be able to write notes, set any necessary terms, and adjust any payment terms.

Develop a plan

Another great way to stay organized and get paid is by having a plan for each project. Fortunately, Hectic also offers a customizable project management solution.

Project management is simple to use and offers a clean UI/UX design. The platform uses a list view format so you can quickly access your data and immediately get back to work.

Whether you scored your first client and only have one project or whether you have hundreds of complex projects with a myriad of clients, project management can handle it all.

Finally, your clients and other collaborators can hop onto project management, adding necessary details and other information. This way, there’s always transparency and your client relationships will improve.

Take control of your finances

One of the toughest things for freelancers is handling accounting and finances.

Freelancers tend to forget they operate as a business. Freelancers also have unique challenges, such as paying quarterly taxes.

How can you take control of your finances? Here are some tips:

  • Separate personal and business expenses
  • Always have a budget
  • Diversify your income sources
  • Don't forget to save
  • Build a retirement fund early
  • Get health insurance
  • Pay your quarterly taxes on time

Don’t worry, Hectic offers plenty of accounting features by accepting and managing payments in one place.

You’ll not only get paid but you’ll have an improved outlook on your finances. Hectic also lets you connect your business checking account or credit card to import and categorize your expenses.

Never work for free

Last but not least, never work for free. The amount of work you're putting into that client could be used toward another who's willing to pay well.

This advice also extends to clients who ask you to work within a shorter timeframe (if you charge per hour), talk you into a cheaper rate, or try to request more work without paying more.

If clients are behaving this way, should you immediately ditch them? This is your choice.

If you do keep them, find a method that works for you. For example, if a client is negotiating a cheaper rate, ensure they will order work from you within a longer time frame.

It's also important to keep scams in mind. Scams exist and they prevent you from earning the income that you deserve.

Try Hectic today

If you’re not sure how to make money as a freelance social media manager, start by improving your freelance business. Hectic provides all of the tools and resources you need to gain success. Sign up today.

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