7 tips for succeeding as a freelance digital marketer

If you want to succeed as a freelance digital marketer, then you need to read these 7 tips that will help you stand apart from your competition.

7 tips for succeeding as a freelance digital marketer

In recent years, the Internet has evolved to become one of the most powerful tools that your business can take advantage of. In fact, digital marketing has become an entire industry in itself.

For those who are looking to succeed as a freelance digital marketer, we’ve put together a few important tips to help keep you on track. Let’s dive in.

1. Establish your rates

One of the most common mistakes that freelancers in this particular industry make is failing to establish consistent rates for their projects. For example, it’s not uncommon for freelance digital marketers to end up negotiating their rates with each client that they interact with.

Not only does this waste a considerable amount of time, but it can also result in you getting compensated for less than your services are worth.

Instead, it’s far more efficient to map out a pay scale for different types of products. In practice, freelance digital marketers typically divide their services up into different tiers or packages, each with varying price points.

In the event that you encounter a situation that does not fall into one of the established categories, you can then negotiate a rate.

Having established rates will also help you cut through the clutter when it comes to finding different clients. To clarify, let’s assume that you don’t have different rates listed on your website. This means that you might have an inquiry from an individual who has a budget for less than what you charge.

Eventually, they will discover this information and then become disinterested. Having rates will ensure that each individual you come in contact with has the potential to become a client.

2. Create a killer portfolio

You can’t expect your prospective clients to trust what you are capable of if they are able to witness it for themselves. As such, creating a killer portfolio is one of the most important obligations you have as a freelance digital marketer.

Not only will this illustrate the level of quality you are able to provide, but it will also convey that you have worked on projects similar to what their business would require. However, achieving this is only possible if your portfolio is fairly diverse.

Although there’s nothing wrong with having a specialty, you shouldn’t have a portfolio that contains 20 separate projects that are virtually identical.

Many freelance digital marketers find difficulty in handling this obligation due to their lack of experience as freelance professionals. They may not have a large number of professional projects under their belt, and they may have never worked with another business at all.

If you find yourself in the situation, there is still a path you can take.

It’s highly recommended to choose a brand and then create a fictional campaign for them. You should strive to achieve results that are as professional as possible.

For instance, you might create different types of content for Nike and then showcase that in your portfolio to illustrate what you would have done if Nike were a legitimate client of yours. You should always provide a disclaimer for projects that are mockups.

Otherwise, you risk unintentionally misrepresenting yourself.

3. Determine your specialty

Digital marketing is a relatively broad industry with a large number of different niches that you could focus on. Some professionals choose content creation, others choose social media, etc.

However, attempting to stretch yourself too thin as a freelance professional could result in you providing lackluster results. This could easily erode your relationships with your clients and make it more difficult to secure work in the future.

The niche you choose should be the one that you are able to handle most comfortably. Although you may have a greater interest in one niche than the other, choosing one you don’t already have the skillset for could easily result in you taking far more time to handle.

In this scenario, it’s recommended to focus on your primary niche while refining your skills and your secondary niche into you're able to make a transition.

After you’ve determined your specialty, you will likely find that the path forward becomes far more clear-cut. This can significantly eliminate a large amount of stress from your professional life.

4. Market yourself effectively

No matter how talented you are as a freelancer, marketing yourself effectively can often mean the difference between whether or not you are able to secure new clients. This means that you need to become highly proficient at pitching yourself.

In general, you will only have a short amount of time in order to convey the services you are able to provide to your audience. So, any email or message you send to another individual on the Internet has to be as brief as possible while still showing who you are as a professional.

In general, you’ll want to introduce yourself, mention a few of your qualifications, and then direct the recipient to your professional portfolio. Although you can never 100% guarantee the other party will be interested, this method is far more effective than sending a long-winded email that explains who you are, where you came from, your journey so far, etc.

5. Don’t take the plunge until you are absolutely ready

Working as a freelance digital marketer means that you need to dedicate all of your attention to the clients that you handle. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that you will fall short of their expectations or miss deadlines.

If you currently work in a traditional job and are looking to transition into the freelance lifestyle, it’s imperative that you don’t take upon more work than you’re able to handle.

Many freelancers in this industry take the plunge before they are ready and attempt to run their own freelance business full-time. In many cases, they simply aren’t experienced enough to function optimally while working for themselves.

Similarly, they may not be able to devote as much time as they anticipated while still working at their current job.

Your reputation as a professional is one of your most important attributes. Any damage that you cause to your reputation through your own actions can be considerably difficult to recover from.

In some situations, it may even take years to do so. Mismanaging your workload and providing subpar results will only serve to deter others from working with you in the future.

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6. Consistently refine your skills

To truly be successful as a freelance digital marketer, you will need to consistently refine your skills as time goes on. This is absolutely vital within the digital marketing industry since Internet trends are constantly changing.

For example, even a minor adjustment that Google makes to its algorithm could have a significant impact on the current strategies that you use as a digital marketer. If you aren’t aware of these changes and are unable to adjust, your performance could become drastically worse overnight.

This is true no matter how consistent your strategies were in the past.

It’s common for freelancers to dedicate time each week to researching industry trends. The same can be said about completing side projects or taking courses in order to learn more about the nuances of the industry.

7. Establish a powerful online presence

As previously mentioned, the Internet is one of the most useful tools that people are able to leverage. Chances are, your prospective clients will turn to the Internet in order to learn more about you before making the decision to work with you.

Unfortunately, a lack of an Internet presence could leave them in a position where they feel as though they are rolling the dice by hiring you. In contrast, a strong Internet presence could easily help you secure clients throughout your freelance career.

To help put this into perspective, let’s assume that a potential client Googles your name. In one scenario, they find that you have no social media presence, a barebones website, etc.

In the other scenario, you have multiple social media accounts with thousands of followers, a website with a comprehensive portfolio, etc. As you might guess, it is far more likely that they work with you in the latter scenario.

Succeeding as a freelance digital marketer isn’t impossible

Although it might seem difficult in the beginning, becoming a successful freelance digital marketer is a process that you can achieve with enough diligence. So, keep the above information in mind along your journey in order to facilitate the greatest chance of doing so.

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