Live your bossless life

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Live your bossless life
When time is everything for freelancers: How to use science to avoid the procrastination vortex (part 2)
Engage in creative risk-taking without hesitation by getting into Flow State. Feel the best and perform the best.
Live your bossless life
6 freelance lessons learned from Olympic athletes
What are the characteristics that prepare Olympic athletes to perform at the highest level? I scoured studies and scrutinized world-leading research to find out.
Live your bossless life
What is freelancing and how do I get started on it?
What is freelancing exactly, and how can it give you more financial freedom? Learn about this and how to get started in freelancing here.
Live your bossless life
13 Time Management Tips for Freelancers
Efficiently managing time is crucial for success as a freelancer. Give yourself a competitive edge with these 13 time management tips for freelancers.
Live your bossless life
8 essential skills for a freelance social media manager
What does it take to be a successful social media manager? We breakdown 8 essential skills for a freelance social media manager here.


The art of saying no
"No." People hate to hear it, and you hate to say it — but how else can you manage your workload and maintain your sanity?
The 9-step guide to better time management for freelancers
Are you a freelancer wondering how to get the most out of your time and be as productive as possible? Discover these 9 steps to better time management.
Is freelancing right for me?
Freelancing isn't necessarily a good fit for everyone. Follow this guide to find out if a freelancing career is something that would be beneficial to you.
Psychology of procrastination (part 1)
It’s not because we’re lazy, unmotivated, or undisciplined. Science says procrastination is actually much more complicated.

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Live your bossless life
Where to find support for mental health for freelancers
Sorry freelancers, but there’s no way you can ignore mental health
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