Earn your worth

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Earn your worth
10 steadfast rules for managing freelance client expectations
Successfully managing client expectations is easier said than done. We're here to help with these 10 steadfast rules to ensure a happy client.
Earn your worth
How much should I charge for social media services?
Setting the right rates for your freelance social media services can be tricky. We're here to help with this guide breaking down the key things to consider.
Earn your worth
Freelance freedom: How to put together an effective work schedule
As a freelancer, you don't have to work from 9 to 5, but you still need a schedule that works for you. Here's how to come up with the best one.
Earn your worth
Know your value: How to set the right freelance rates without underpricing yourself
Freelancers have a tendency to do too much work for too little. Know your value; here's how to set the right freelance rates without underpricing yourself.
Earn your worth
Making your first bid: Should you charge hourly or per project?
Before you make your first bid, you need to figure out how you'll charge the client. Keep reading to learn whether you should choose hourly or per project.


What to do if your freelance client hasn't paid you
There are so many upsides to being your own boss. But sometimes, you have to chase down money. Here's what you can do if your freelance client hasn't paid yet.
A guide to charging clients as a social media freelancer
Are you wondering how much you should charge as a social media freelancer? This is how to correctly and fairly price your services.
7 Insanely actionable self-care strategies that will help you beat burnout
Taking care of your mental health as a freelancer is about more than just practicing meditation or scheduling days off.
What are things to avoid on your first freelancing project?
One benefit of being a freelancer is choosing what jobs you want to work on. Learn what to avoid when choosing a freelancing project here.

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Earn your worth
A guide to calculating your freelance rate
If you're new to freelancing, it may be tricky to work out how much to charge each client. Get guidance on how to calculate your freelance rate here!
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