Geoffrey Mina

Geoff has always focused on building technology solutions that solve real-world problems for real people. Over the years he’s developed a reputation for optimizing strategy for efficiency and high-performance outputs. In other words, he’s skilled at selecting the right strategic paths for organizations but can also mobilize workforces to execute action plans and critical initiatives. He’s passionate about building high-performance teams, inspiring them to push beyond their limits and perform at levels not thought possible.

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What to do if your freelance client hasn't paid you
There are so many upsides to being your own boss. But sometimes, you have to chase down money. Here's what you can do if your freelance client hasn't paid yet.
Geoffrey Mina
How to manage your workload as a freelancer?
Juggling projects, time, and your personal life as a freelancer can be tough. Click here to learn how to effectively manage your workload as a freelancer.
Geoffrey Mina
How to avoid working-from-home distractions and improve your productivity as a freelancer
Working from home is convenient, but it can be difficult. Learn how to avoid work-from-home distractions and improve your productivity below.
Geoffrey Mina
Business success 101: How to land big clients
Landing big clients doesn't have to be impossible for your small business. Click here to learn the keys to business success by landing (and keeping) clients!
Geoffrey Mina
The time and project management tips freelancers need to succeed
One's ability to masterfully leverage time and project management is one of the key components of freelance success. Our guide shares how you, too, can succeed.
Geoffrey Mina
How to build a successful freelance career like a pro
Are you starting your freelance career and you're wondering how the pros make it work? Read this guide and go build the freelance career of your dreams!
Geoffrey Mina
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